Mal kamper

Mal Kamper

About The Mal kamper

Hi, my name is Dewald Visser, I am an adventurer and outdoor enthusiast from a small rural Swartland “dorpie” called Porterville.  I currently live in beautiful Cape Town South Africa and loving life in general.

As a film maker and content creator for the last 20 years I have travelled the world producing content that suits my lifestyle and 99% of the time this will be something to do with the great outdoors.

Let me introduce you to our latest TV show concept. MAL KAMPER. As an explorer and avid mountain biker, trail runner, kayaker, mountaineer, diver, angler, off roader, rafter, hiker and wild camper I will showcase the scenic beauty of Africa and all its outdoor splendour.


On every episode I will overland to a different destination in our rigged Suzuki Jimny with a Metalian Genie trailer to set up camp in a remote off the grid area. While on site I will do a bit of open fire cooking and to explore I will participate in the adventure activities and things to do that each area has on offer. 

My ever present Fatbike will be used to cover the rugged coastline while we travel to remote and hidden gems along the beach crossing rivers and vast deserted sand dune areas. When not on my bike the show will be filled with other adventures type of exploring including hiking and a variety of water-based activities.

Overlanding and wild camping is not for everyone so we decided to have a weekly glamping insert on the show where we will travel to different glamping spots to showcase alternative options to those looking for a more civilised way of camping.

The last part of the show will now focus on Wild Camping. I will enjoy mountain trails and caves, beautiful waterfalls, remote desert areas and wild game reserves looking for the perfect spot to hang my hammock or pitch a tent while living off the land amongst Africa’s wildlife.

Mal Kamper promises to offer great viewing entertainment as we explore Africa in a bit more rugged way.

Join us…it’s going to be a “MAL ADVENTURE.”